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NOS Triodes


0...5 Numbers (like 2A3)

6 Numbers (like 6SN7)

7...99 Numbers (like 45 etc)

100...999 Numbers (like 807)

1000 or higher Numbers (like 5687)

A...D Letters

E Letters

F....Z Letters

AVVT tubes
Blow out sales AVVT and some other items

0...5 Numbers:

2A3 Sylvania


420,- for a pair


Printing on tubes is perfect, and untouched. Boxes are very old condition, and as is.

The tubes are optical and electrical beautiful condition, testing at 100%, with printed Amplitrex Test report.

This is prime quality NOS. You have any requirement? These tube fulfil it.

Pic1 - Box1 - Box2

6 Numbers


8 Euro one

This tube is like a single system of ECC82. Want best channel separation? = Take this tube!

6C4C = 6S4S = 6B4G

This is a 6.3V 2A3 with Octal base


Order Number:

For prices, please check the official price list.

This is a 2A3 from the early 1970's but with 6.3V Filament, and an Octal base. All other data is fully equivalent to 2A3. MINT Quality item.

Why trouble yourself with so called NOS 2A3 that are expensive, and perhaps not really good? Take this EXCELLENT tube, and use 6.3Volt heater and Octal base. Very large, double getter flash.

Sold in Amplitrex matched pairs. Quads are no problem.

These run on EVERY 2A3 schematic, but you need to change the heater voltage to 6.3V 900mA, and these have an octal base. For the rest they are identical.

This is SVETLANA NOS WINGED-C NOS from the early 1970's when the Russian production was at it TOP of it's performance. This quality is like Russian Telefunken. Invest your money is this is safer than in stocks.


Order Number:

For prices, please check the official price list.

This tube is the small sister of the 6C33. Superb Quality 11 Watt Triode, with very low Rp (400 Ohms) at relatively low plate voltage. Can be used nicely in OTL amplifiers.

Also nice as SE tube. If you put 4 parallel you get an 44 Watt, 100 Ohms tube. Ideal to connect to the Lundahl LL1627-185mA (or amorph version LL1627AM.185)

Another fine application is as interstage transformer driver, since interstage driver tubes must have low impedance. A good interstage transformer is the LL1660-25mA, and wire it for a factor 4,5 step up. 200V 25mA is a good working point. The tube itself has a gain of 8, making the total gain 36. That drives a 2A3 directly. Who needs more gain can also use the line output transformer LL1689 and use it reversed as a 1:9 step up. This is difficult to drive with a tube, but hey.. it is no problem for this tube.

This tube features absolutely latest technology. It had gold grids, and a Zirconium top getter. At high temperature, the Zirconium getter gets active, and keeps the tube fresh as on the first day it was made. These getters are better than Barium getters, but can only be used in tubes with a very hot spot inside, to mount it on. This tube is made to run on high power. No need for de-rating. Also the glow picture is amazingly nice, since the cathode can be seen from the sides.

Best of all, they are available in quantities and for a low price... What else do you need...?

For prices, please check the official price list.

6C33C Ulyanov

Order Number:

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Original Boxes. most are sealed.

  1. Unboxing movie
  2. Some schematics with 6C33 and many other are here
  3. Break up a 6C33 and see what is inside

6C33C Ulyanov
6C33 electron Tube UlyanovOrder Number:

For prices, please check the official price list.

Ulyanov Russia. The original from Russian Jet Airplaines.

NOS from Bulk pack.

I have them from Bulk pack with single pieces, as pcitured, but also Bulk Packs with 10 pcs originally sealed in a factory plastic cover, with old sticker on it.

6H7 / Russia
5 Euro one
Russian Equivalent of ECC31


65 Euro for a Pair

RCA 6N7 /ECC31

Note: ECC31 is not a 6SN7.

Lovely smoked glass Version. Date on boxes 1944. This is Navy Quality from WW2. The best quality ever made. These are RCA, smoked glass, a nice pair, original nice boxes, not opened 100 times.


Pic1 - Pic2 - Pic3 - Pic4


6SL7 Sylvania


6SL7 Sylvania
Order Nr:114-087-09
For prices, please check the official price list.


JAN TESTED. (Article here about JAN)

These beautifl tubes from 1966 will not dissappoint you. The boxes are a little bit old, but out come tubes like new. With nice green printing. JAN Tested tubes.

6SL7 Sylvania

More pics1 - More pics2

Toshiba Japan Order Nr:

For prices, please check the official price list.

LONG PLATE Version, with longer glass than normal. Reliable, stabile, and good sounding. Beautiful NOS tube, they test excellent, all of them.

Read more on the 6SN7 page.

7...99 Numbers:

Our 7N7 Stock

Link here

The stock is a lot smaller as on the picture now, but we have them still available. i


12 Euro

Original box with date stamp. Only one available


Note: the Ediswan have nice, tall glass, looking more vintage than the STC. datasheet here.

Ediswan pair 600 Euro.
STC tube 275 Euro.

Call it the secret tip. This is a 90 Watt Tetrode, However, the datasheet writes, triode mode is possible. Heater dissipation is 34 Watts. Imagine the beautiful glow of this, it is really remarkable. Glow picture of the middle tube . Also, at so much heater power, you can imagine the peak power of this tube is huge. In Triode mode, the anode dissipation is 95 Watt, and gain is 4.5 it writes. So nice triode sound can be expected. Other than 6C33 this tube can run on higher anode voltage. This makes transformer choice a lot easier. These seem to me used only for testing. At the total of 130 Watt (Heater + Anode) these tubes get incredible hot, so once you use them, the whitle color logos get darkened quickly, and the blue colored logo will stay blue, but gets thinner. So these tubes are NOS.

27 and
227 page

25 Euro / one

2.5V Driver Triode, UX5 Base. Sockets are on stock. Gain=9. datasheet at (Techcorner). Beautiful mesh triode, used by Triode Dick in the Ceasar amplifier.

Used, strong tubes. Acquired fFrom the stock of (late) George Fathauer.

76 Raytheon
Order Number:
For prices, please check the official price list.

Originally boxed, Raytheon. Shouldered glass.

BOX picture: Click here

100...999 Numbers

1000 and higher Numbers


Price 59 Euro / one.

3x Raytheon. 1x Chatham. Originally boxed. BIG brother of 6080. 2x30 Watt dual Triode, with graphite Anodes, and two parallel cathodes for each Triode. So four cathodes in one bulb. Beautiful tube. You can build a 2x8 Watt Stereo SE amplifier with just ONE OF THOSE. Or a 50 Watt push pull amplifier with just one tube per channel. Only sell the four pcs together. Rare as NOS, OB. Gain = 9. Rp=245 Ohms. Nice, normal HiFi Bias point. Uses normal SE transformers, like LL1629-90mA Lundahl transformer at 1k2 primary. This is a frame grid tube, with gold plated grids :) In Google books you can read the Morgan Jones Book for free. It's called 'Valve Amplifiers'. Look at page 440. He runs them at full 2x 30Watt. I do not recommend to heat it at full power, but more like 2x23 Watt. Runs for instance nicely at 90mA, 280Volts.


See also: E182CC

5687. One of the best driver tubes ever made. Wwith high filament power and beautiful glow picture. Similar to E182CC, but smaller dimensions and not 100% identical.

Used by Audio Note, and several others.

These tubes are getting out of stock everywhere. No plans to make a replica anywhere, because that pay off only for mass production. After the NOS is all gone, the markets will depend on used tubes.

Buy NOS now, while you still can.

Link to 5687 Page.


50 Euro for the pair

5965 is generically a computer tube, this is also a very nice audio tube. One pair with Amplitrex full report with each tube. White box. Only two pcs.
Sorry, no stock.

5691 has Tungsten heater wires, lowest microphonics, and the famous moisture proof red-base. It is rated for 500G shock, meaning you can drop it on the floor. NOS 5691 is the tube to use, when you want the BEST 6SL7 ever made.

Click on above picture for more information

6021W Philips

pencil tube

Order Nr: 114-198-94
For prices, please check the official price list.

Year: Appr 1982.
Double triode, low noise audio, very long life. Miniature tube with flying leads. Perfect Audio tube! Secret tip. Lovely build, with colored printing on the glass. datasheet on our website. Use it for printed circuits, or free wire it directly inside the amplifier, same way as you mount resistors. Light weighted, can be mounted with it's own wires only, needs no mechanical support. Duende tube rings available for this type. This is the perfect tube for phono amps or other pre-amps.

Special Teflon / Gold plated socket available for this tube. This socket is for PCB only. For chassis wiring, you can just wire the tube in, like normal components. Another picture.

6072 Ken-Rad
Sorry no stock

Ken Rad. White box. Etched USA printing. K-R logo very faint. Printed Test report with Amplitrex AT1000 included, excellent values. This is a triple mica tube, based on 12AY7 specs.

6080 General Electric

Order Nr: 114-198-94
For prices, please check the official price list.

Beautiful quality General Electric tubes. Original military box.
6080 Sylvania
Price: 35 Euro / one
Nice green logo. Original Box. Test very strong. Only sell the four. Price is for one tube, as always.

6112 Philips

Order Number:
For prices, please check the official price list.

Year: Appr 1982.

6112 is the 'pencil' Version of ECC83 or 6SL7. Tube data is not fully equivalent, but close. Consider to put both sections of the 6112 in parallel. Some do this with 6SL7 too. This will give you the same gain, but plate current will be double, and output impedance will be half.

Look here for a very nice, balanced phono pre-amp with the 6112 tube. For lower noise, you should take the MM version, and use a Lundahl MC transformer.


Price: 95 Euro one

Year: Appr. 1945

This tube is a a fraction smaller than a 45, there is e some resemblance. It is almost identical to TFK RE134. This 18028 is 2nd. world war production, and then we always talk about ultimate quality.

Article about this tube here

A...D Letters


Price: 700 Euro

Sorry this tube was sold

Year: Appr 1940...1950.

This is NOS VALVO branded AD1, but inside I see the characteristic (getter pill) TELEFUNKEN system. These are the one and only best ever AD1. In a nice VALVO box, but not belonging to this tube originally. Sorry for the price, but try to find REAL AD1 NOS and a perfect curves plot along with it.

The tube has an original label on it: 'GEGENTAKT' which means it is possible to use it also for a push pull amplifier. This was a selection for higher peak emission. So this tube is the finest of all AD1 you can ever get. It confirms from the tube curves, they are magnificent. I bought tube from a collector who is getting too old, and selling off his stuff. I know definitely he never used it, only test it as on a Funke W19 before selling to me.

Valvo bought the early AD1 (barium pill) from Telefunken. The later, Barium coated versions, is the Siemens EbIII rebranded or the Tungsram /Philips rebranded. The Tungsram /Philips have a reputation to develop grid current or gas if you buy NOS. However, the TFK barium pill tubes are finest quality. As far as I experienced myself, any NOS comes out of the box with exact specifications, as if put in yesterday. They do not even need a burn in. It needs no explanation why tube collectors prefer the NOS Barium pill TFK tubes. You recognize those by a bubble on the middle of the plate, inside which was the Barium pill before closure of the bulb. By the activation process, they managed to have that evaporated and have it condensed on the filament. I think with an electrostatic field. At that time already a 'secret' process, and today the real secrets of the process has been lost as most old engineers have passed away now.

CV4068 / 6158 / 13D3
Price 45 Euro /one

Year: 1970's.

Low microphonics tube. In the datasheet, this tube is referred to as 'Trustworthy, SQ tube'. As always with NOS tubes, if you choose not those that everybody is fighting for, still premium tubes can be found. So in that cas, differences can be like pin out, or electrical data. The little inconvenience you take with that, is rewarded by getting tubes from a first class brand, ultimate specifications, and real, virgin NOS for a price much lower than main stream tubes of the same class. Then, when you see Audio Note use CV4068 / 6158 for their top class amplifiers P6 and P8, what else can we say...

CV4068 is such a tube. Made for the British military, the equivalent commercial version is 6158. Even the commercial tube is rated a premium product, made for low microphonics, and higher DC stability. What extra testing the army required, to quality it for CV4068, who knows. Pin connections are the same as ECC81,82, 83, 12AY7, etc. It has 17mm carbon powdered anodes, which is the best surface ever possible. Some people replace 12AY7 by CV4068, on their won risk, but 12AY7 has a lttle higher gain. datasheet here

D3A Siemens

Order Number:
For prices, please check the official price list.

This is not a pentode, which has original (factory intended) use as Triode as well. Please check here for the triode connected curves, as originally by Telefunken. This is from the 'D' Series of German Post tubes, in which family of the 'C' Series you find treasures like C3m, C3g.

Normally, a pentode if connected as a triode will have unlinear curves, so they are not made for that. Not so with D3a! Truly amazing, excellent original triode curves are published. When you choose the recommended operating point, the curves are very linear, and in triode mode this tube has a gain of 77, even at maximum 4.5 Watt! From the family of ECCxx tubes, I only find ECC83 which can do so, but ECC83 is very high impedance, 1.2mA only. ECC83 gold pin NOS is expensive. D3a will give a gain of 77 at much lower impedance. So you see, this tube is really a first class product.

Recommended SE transformer LL1660-25mA.

Full full details with more pictures check the pentode page.

ECC81 Page

Click here
Equivalents: 12AT7, ECC801S, E81CC, 6201

E Letters

ECC82 page

Click here
Equivalents: 12AU7, ECC802, E82CC

ECC83 page

Click here


Equivalents: 12AX7, ECC803, E83CC

ECC88 page

Click here

Equivalents: 6DJ8, ECC808, E88CC, 6922
ECC85, Neuhaus
Price 5 Euro
Only 1pcs.


Test at 8.5 + 10.5 at Funke W19. Good starts at 7.

Price 20 Euro.
Only 1pcs.
Original sealed box. Never opened. With series number "7111100". So with <>.Sold in sealed box 'as is', or we open it, and test before shipment, at your choice.

Price 28 Euro.
for a PAIR.

Original box. Tests >100%
E182CC Mullard
Order Number:
For prices, please check the official price list.

E182CC is an upgrade for the 5687 tube. E182CC is larger size, with quite long, flat boxed plates, for better linearity.

This is a normal stock item here (stil...) same as the 5687, but both stocks are running out, and no new supply is coming in.

picture1 - picture2 - picture3 - picture4 - Getter

A Portrait of this tube here.

F and above Letters



Order Number:
For prices, please check the official price list.

From original factory bulk packs. (see pictures).

Note - we stock only graphite plates at the moment. Copper plate is extremely rare and sold out. Graphite is electrically better, it can take some time overload or forgive some other mistakes. Copper is more shock/drop proof. Each have it's own advantage.

A portrait of GM70 here


Order Number:

Price: 390 Euro for the pair

These are at a good place here, because today's application is to triode connect those. This is a very nice looking pair. Fully identical looking, test fully identical and extremely strong. Wow!!!! 211 or 845 are toys compared to those old Telefunken jewels. They are both believed to be unused.

Connectors at the bottom and top are bananas, side is a fork. Original connection set for the side connector is with the tubes. CLick here for more info.


Price 200 Euro / one

This tube is in the family of PX4, PX25A, etc. Though the datasheet says 'max 400V', on these tubes here is written 'max 500V'.

From the Pederson factory is nothing left whatsover, it was completely wiped out, near the end of WW2, because they build tubes for the German electronic compass and other very advanced equipment.

U4AB is mentioned in the Telefunken Werkstattbuch

Compressed data from an original Pederson file:

Max U a= 400V.
Max Pa = 25Watt
Uf = 4Volt
If = 1Ampere
Gm= 4mA/V