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PART1. Boards for Lundahl Transformers

For Phono

No more difficulties or problems, clean wiring, and all options.

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  • No more experimenting with wire spaghetti.
  • List of many configurations, and ideas of yourself may be possible as well.

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For Small Signal Input/Output

  • The simple LL1531 board will do in case where you only need high impedance signal isolation, no nonsense and no troubles.
  • The dual gain board (second picture) uses middle sized transformers. and has optional possibility for tuning, and external gain switch.
  • The multiple gain board (third picture) can be programmed for 6 different gain factors, connect an external gain switch, and tuning. Or,like all boards, use it just in straigh forward in fixed, simple configuration

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For Large Signal

  • Input
  • Output
  • Interstage

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LL1620, LL1623, LL1627, LL9202 primary

For Power Output Transformers

Switched impedance and clean wiring

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EE41 Power Suply with CMR Rejection

Lundahl chokes CMR connected

Finally using the 4-Terminal way to connect a choke.

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Available Febr 2023



Output SE / PP
Output SE / PP
Plate Choke Power Supply Choke
tube grid Choke
Mains Cleaning Filament Choke
Audio + Microphone
Power Supply
Guitar Input Covers
Interconnect Silver Wound