Free 300B card for users of Funke W19 Tester

Funke W19 here

Funke W19, and other tester information here

Funke W19 is probably the most popular tester in Germany. It has no card for the 300B, but I found this tester is very capable of testing a 300B. If there is anyone who knows why Funke never published a 300B card, let me know, I'll be glad to place that information here.

I have experimented with the Funke W19 to find settings for the 300B. This card reliably picks out the weak tubes, and indicates the new ones as strong.

Transconductance test with this card, I found a good tube gives a reading of 7mA difference on the meter. That is for the transconductane test that you get from postion 12 to 13.

(C) Copyright. This card may be copied for personal use only, but not change it.

There is no guarantee on this product!

Click on the image to download the card.

Printing instructions

When printing the card you need the correct size. For this, don't print if from your browser, but save it to hard disk first. The correct print size is inside this file. However some applications do not recognize that, and print it too large. If that happens, search your PC for mspaint.exe and use this free Microsoft application to open the file. This is the best graphics program for the things it can do. Do not rotate the card, since it doesn't fit on a normal piece of paper if horizontal.

Now print it with mspaint, and you may still find it a small fraction too small or too large. That has to do with your printer. To fine tune this, before printing, use " printer settings" to change the size somewhere from 98% to 102%

After printing, cut off the black edges and that's it. If you print it on normal office paper, you can stick the test pins through the paper, while on the tester, that works good, and the card can be used a long time that way. If you want a better version, print it on photo paper, and cut out the holes with a tool.