Tube Sockets, Part 5. Socket Dampers

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These silicon dampers are highly flexible, you can bend them 90 degrees easily. These are old stock, and I think they were originally very expensive. They were used to damp chassis vibrations inside optical equipment. In tube world probably the best use is for keeping away the mains transformer vibrations from the tubes, and reduce tube chassis microphonics.

Order Number for one piece: 320-128-89

Note: the damping can be made softer or harder, by screwing in the screw from 3mm to 6mm. Since the tube socket is not heavy, 3mm is the recommended value. Most amazing is the strength of the rubber, and yet it is still so flexible. These are technically very nice made items, and four of them together cost not more than an average tube socket. The 3mm threaded part you see attached on them, is used to mount them on the base plate or on the socket. Then the thread hole you see, attaches then to the chassis. The method to adjust their stiffness, is by selecting the right length of the screw. Or adjust with mounting rings underneath. Like this you can firmly attach them, and yet adjust them as well.


Thread on both ends: M3 (=3mm diameter)
Screw Length: 6mm
Rubber Part: 8mm long, Diameter 8mm


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In this video I have mounted the tube socket not the right way! This funny mounting method was only done to make the demonstration possible. The right way to mount the silicon dampers is shown in the pictures above.

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Tube socket dampers

When ordering the Yamamoto Air Vent Adapter (the black piece above - Order Number: 320-074-76) there is a high quality, universal screw set included with it. With these you can mount the socket and the dampers as pictured here, while you have left four chassis screws and four distance holders, that you can use as you need.


Tube socket dampers

Tube socket dampers

Like this you can increase the distance to the chassis even further. It can sometimes be nice when you want the tube socket to disappear a little deeper inside the chassis. These metal distance holders we do not supply, but they are normal standard parts of any hardware shop.

Tube socket dampers

This picture shows their amazing flexibility. These aluminium distance holder as you see here, are not supplied with it. However, with the Yamamoto Air Vent Adapter (see the above pictures) there is a set of hardware includedm which serves most of the puposes. To get optimized result, the Yamamoto Air Vent adapter (also called base plates) are much recommended.