Pictures of things I zapped in my microwave oven.

Don't repeat any of this.

This is a classical one, but still nice to do and nice to see. I take any old cd , and just heat it in the microwave oven for 2 seconds.
This is the CD while it is actually zapped. The colors are really nice to see.
This is an experiment with a nornal 60 Watt 240V light bulb.

Fist I put a glass of water with it, to reduce the energy the lamp gets.

  1. With the right size and positioning of the glass of water, I could make the lamp just burn normal.
  2. WIth the glass further away the lamp's filament will burn extremely bright
  3. Remove some water out of the glass, and the filament will break. Interesting, the broken pieces light up normal.

Then I took out the glass of water, to see what happens now. This will increase the energy to the lamp significantly.

  1. The glowing spiral breaks into more pieces, but that doesn't seem to matter , the lamp burns anyway.
  2. Then suddenly the lamp arcs inside, at first a little spot. Then more, and a bright pink plasma cloud fills the lamp and it is giving an incredible bright pink light.
  3. I let this go on for about 10 seconds, I think when I continue, the lamp will explode since light bulbs are gas filled, and it gets really very hot.
  4. Since the mess from an exploded lamp is no good idea, I decided to cut the experiment here. I wonder if it is possible the make permanently light up a lamp this way, with the right electronics.
The poor lamp, after the experiment. Everything inside is melted, but it lighted up bright pink in the condition, all over the bulb. Note, this lamp has been burning bright pink in this condition.
No pictures fron it here, but an old 6SN7 tube lights up bright pink also, and right after that cracked the glass, and air came in. I stopped it here, because the inside of the 6SN7 was glowing red. No reason to contaminate mother's microwave oven with (whatever?) material that gasses out of that old tube.
Folks .... don't repeat any of this. You're pumping 1Kilowatt per second into the zapped articles, and that is very very very much. Specially if you heat something and you see nothing happen, the articles can explode from that INCREDIBLY HEAVY. When you go too far, a real loud explosion of the zapped articles may happen, without pre-warning like smoke signs or noise. It just explodes enexpected. Even many seconds after the power is switched off it can happen. An overheated glass of water can turn into vapour with an explosion, AFTER the power is switched off, blowing out the door and you get burned. Yes it is possible. Glass particles can break through the window of the oven, or the oven door can be blown out unexpectedly and very violently when this happens. Articles can explode AFTER you open the door. So this is all very dangerous. JUST DON'T THINK OF IT.