Sorry for writing over all the pictures, but you know why we do this

Portrait of a tube

Some tubes are taken apart here, others are described only




Made by Uljanov, Russia


Special Red Tubes 5691-5692-5693

Made by RCA


Made by Western Electric

6072 ***** (Five Star Series)

Made by General Elecric.

6922-EH Not Gold grid

Made by Reflektor factory, Russia.
Brand Name: Electro Harmonix, USA.

6922-EH-Gold Grid / Frame Grid

By Tesla, Czech Republic


Secret Audio Tip!

Made by Philips.

E83CC - ECC803S

Nagra using E182CC




EF94-717A-403A-408A-6AK6 Family

This is a family of tubes, some in octal base some in 7 Pin miniature, some with 6.3V heater, some with 20V, which have similar tube curves. Excellent Hifi tubes, all of them.

EL34-S ( I found no "S" inside)

Made by Shuguang, China.

Brand Name. Golden Dragon.




This is a giant Russian version of AD1. Unknown, secret tube. Costs even a fortune in the Russian collectors scene.


Wh ypeople use 845 or 211 from China, withall of thoise typical quality problems related to those such as loose anode contacts, broken heaters, and low lifetime? While you can buy real NOS GM70? Really I don't know!

TESLA EL34. NOS from the 1960's.

Made by TESLA, in Rosnov factory.

  PX4 -or the big confusion with the tube data


  VT-25-A There is no datasheet.

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